Michael Lange, Ocala Optometrist

Michael Lange, O.D.

A successful businessman as well as physician, Dr. Michael Lange has started many successful businesses across Florida over the past 18 years. Known as the “Ocala Eye Doctor” and the talk show host on “Ask the Dr.,” Dr. Michael Lange also serves as the founder and CEO of the Lange Sun and Nutrition Center in Clearwater. This company is a center that offers unique and hard to find organic vitamins, herbal supplements, organic coffees, teas, and wines along with a dedicated sunglasses area. Like all his other efforts, Dr. Michael Lange’s latest venture is a great success.

Nutrition and optometry are Dr. Michael Lange’s passions. Over the course of his career, he has continued to expand his interests in eye care, vision awareness, and nutrition in new ways. Dr. Michael Lange started Lange Eye Care and Associates in Ocala in 1993 and now operates nine primary eye care centers around the state. He’s created two successful Internet companies, Express Contacts and Express Sunglasses. Realizing his growing interest in the nutritional aspects of health, Dr. Michael Lange built up the successful Fortifeye Vitamin company. Dr. Michael Lange currently functions as the CEO and Chairman of Parris Optics International, an innovative eyeglass frame design company. In June 2010, Dr. Michael Lange opened the first eye care center in the country that utilizes the latest Zeiss Eye Scription refractive technology.

When he’s not running one of his businesses, Dr. Michael Lange enjoys motocross, mountain biking, road biking, skiing, tennis, and spending time with his family. He serves on multiple advisory boards for the eye care, optical, nutrition, and organic food industry. Dr Lange also writes frequently for many eye care magazines and is a moderator on several eye care-related websites. He is a frequent lecturer on eye care, practice management, and nutrition. A Certified Nutrition Specialist by the American College of Nutrition, Dr. Michael Lange is also a Florida Department of Health certified Optometric Physician.

About Dr. Michael Lange, Ocala

Dr. Michael Lange is an optometrist, radio personality, and successful entrepreneur in the field of eye-related products. In 1992, he graduated from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry, Salus University with a Doctor of Optometry. His studies and clinical experience prepared Dr. Michael Lange to be a primary optometrist capable of diagnosing, and treating vision-related diseases and disorders. Going back to his native New Orleans briefly after graduation, Dr. Michael Lange worked as an Optometric Physician for the Eye Surgery Center of Louisiana and St. Charles Vision. After doing some research and recognizing the growing need for vision care in Florida, Dr. Michael Lange moved to Ocala. He started Lange Eye Care and Associates and since then, Dr. Michael Lange has become known as the “Ocala Eye Doctor.” Lange Eye Care and Associates now has nine eye care centers in Florida and all offer state-of-the-art medical, surgical, optical, and nutritional care. In order to promote healthy habits, Dr. Michael Lange has served as a Talk Show Host on a live radio show in Florida for the past 17 years. Called “Ask the Dr.,” the show aims to increase vision health awareness and emphasize the nutritional aspects of eye care. Additionally, Dr. Michael Lange oversees several optical related companies. He started Express Contacts in 1997 and it became one of the fastest growing professional contact lens replacement companies on the Internet. Using the same business model, Express Sunglasses soon followed. Dr. Michael Lange now serves as CEO and Chairman of the Board those companies as well as Fortifeye Vitamins. This company’s mission is to promote better ocular and general health by producing vitamin products based purely on science and not on trends. Overseeing Parris Optics International, Dr. Michael Lange operates an optical frame company that develops high-quality designer frames. Michael Lange’s most current project is the Lange Sun and Nutrition Center in Clearwater, Florida. It serves as an overall health center offering organic coffee, tea, and vitamins while also housing a sunglasses center. Dr. Michael Lange is certified as a Nutritional Specialist by the American College of Nutrition and is a board certified Optometric Physician by Florida Department of Health.
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9 Responses to Michael Lange, Ocala Optometrist

  1. Paul says:

    Dr. Michael Lange in Ocala has been my family’s optometrist ever since 1993. Dr. Lange diagnosed my three yr old daughter in 1993 with a lazy eye and did the appropriate treatment so today she has really good vision at 21 yrs and is graduating from college. Lange Eye Care also just took out my mothers cataracts and she is doing great now. Thanks Dr. Lange for taking great care of us. Paul S

  2. Clay says:

    Dr. Lange has really helped my vison and entire body/life! I was referred to Lange Eye Care by my family doctor since i am a diabetic to make sure it wasnt in my eyes. Dr. Michael Lange was the first Optometrist i have ever seen and I have to tell you , he changed my life. He took the time to detail a diet, vitamins and exercise plan for me and wrote every thing out for me in easy to follow directions. well a long story short i have lost 80 lbs and no longer need to take diabetes medicine, Dr. Lange got me interested in mountain biking and i am actually going to enter my first race this summer. My vision has also improved now so i dont need the distance glasses anymore. My eye doctor, Dr. Lange was the only one that really took the time to help me, he really cares for his patients.

  3. Mark says:

    I just wanted to comment on the supurb care I had from Dr. Lange Optometrist at Lange Eye Care in Ocala on state road 200 location!! I have been in a bind many a time and Dr. Lange and his staff has always been there for me. I moved to Ocala Florida in 1997 and had a real swollen eye the day i was moving in. Well i was driving down the street and saw the Lange Eye Care sign and went in and saw Dr. Michael Lange for the first time. He took me right in and treated me immediatley! I have been his patient ever since and wont go anywhere else.

  4. Janice S. says:

    I have a similar story to Clays above, Dr. Michael Lange has been an inspiration to me over the years. I first started listening to him in 1996 on WRN 720 am in Ocala when he was on at 4pm then he changed times and I lost him for a while and then picked him up again on a station out of Tampa. I am a loyal listener of his show “Ask the Dr” and have really tried to do what he says with proper diet and exercise. I have lost 55 lbs in eight months and my blood chemistries have all normalized and off all meds thanks to his imformative show. I have been going to Lange Eye Care in Ocala for the last ten years for my eye exams and have always been pleased with the doctors I see. Dr. Lange really takes a great deal of time when he examines my eyes and always explains things in easy to understand terminology. One day when I get brave I will have Lasik surgery.

  5. Beverly says:

    I recently went to Lange eye care Gainesville location and saw a very good optometrist named Dr McClintick. I was able to get my supply of contacts and a new pr of glasses all at the same visit , they made my glasses in about thirty minutes. I was very happy and will bring my children to Lange eye care Gainesville Thanks Dr. Lange for being open on Sunday. That helps us working moms.

  6. Geri says:

    I visited the Gainesville Lange Eye care Center a few weeks ago and decided this would be my Eye care Center from now on. I saw Dr Michael Lange that day and he took his time explaining everything to me. I have Maccular Degeneration and he was most knowledge about this. He gave me some really good information.

  7. bruce says:

    Dr. Michael Lange is now my Optometrist thanks to this blog. I want to first comment on how well the staff treated me in the Ocala office. I have a very complicated glasses prescription because my eyes are really bad! I used to have coke bottles until i went to contacts. Dr. Lange and his glasses sales person found a pair of glasses that are very stylish and the lenses are the thinnest i have ever had. I have never had the doctor take the time to actually help me determine what type of frame worked best for my bad eyes. Now finally I have glasses I can wear when giving my eyes a rest from my contacts that dont make me look like I am wearing coke bottles. Michael Lange the Optometrist at Lange Eye Care in Ocala has my highest recommendation. I drive from Brooksville and its worth the drive.

  8. julie fircloth says:

    Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist on the radio helped me significantly, he is extremely smart but very kind as well. I appreciate all u do for your listeners from your radio program.

  9. Kirk Ramthun says:

    oh i really love to take organic vitamins since they are much better absorbed by the body compared to synthetic vitamins. ‘..::


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