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Dr. Michael Lange on African Study Examines Effects of Mediterranean Diet on Eye Health

As a Certified Nutrition Specialist, Dr. Michael Lange helps his patients understand how dietary choices affect the health of their eyes. Dr. Lange treats a diverse group of people at his clinic in Ocala, Florida. A new study has discovered … Continue reading

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Fortifeye Complete Plus Multivitamin, By Dr. Michael Lange, Optometrist

The Fortifeye brand of nutraceuticals is the result of many years of clinical trials. The Complete Plus Multivitamin is the company‚Äôs newest product, based on intracellular and plasma blood testing. The supplement utilizes the most advanced scientific data to protect … Continue reading

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Glaucoma Screening and Prevention By Dr. Michael Lange

Affecting millions of people around the world, glaucoma is a disease of the eye that affects the optic nerve. By damaging the nerve, glaucoma can impact the transmission of images from the eye to the brain and eventually lead to … Continue reading

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Sunglasses for Mountain Biking By Dr. Michael Lange, Optometrist

Sunglasses provide numerous benefits to mountain bikers. By providing sharp visual contrast, they may help riders avoid dangerous terrain, and protective lenses offer shielding from potentially damaging elements such as sharp tree branches. Wearing glasses reduce the risk of injuries … Continue reading

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Dr. Michael Lange: Oculoplastic Surgery, Optometrist Dr. Michael Lange operates a busy practice in Ocala, Florida.

At Lange Eye Care & Associates, patients seek an array of services, including routine eye care, contact lens fittings, LASIK surgery, vision therapy, cataract surgery, retinal surgery, low vision, corneal refractive therapy, and oculoplastic surgery. Lange Eye Care & Associates … Continue reading

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